It’s the awesome power,
That leaves you questioning,
How you lived without it before.

It’s what you seek,
The happiness that you find.
It’s the memories in time,
You wish you could rewind.

It’s the hope you have,
When all seems lost.
It’s the price you’ll pay,
No matter what the cost.

It’s the heartbreak,
That leaves you wiser.
It’s the little things,
That bring you closer.

It’s the most precious place,
Where the heart is true.
It’s the one you can’t get over,
No matter what you do.

It’s the void inside,
That you long to fill.
It’s the one thing,
That makes life real.

It’s the feeling of knowing,
You’ll never be the same.
It’s what makes you wonder,
Why you play this game.

It’s what blesses your soul,
When you realize,
What your heart is for.


© 2008 Dana Renee’ Billingsley
Published in Patchwork Musings 2009

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~ by Dana Renee' on November 20, 2010.

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