Oh Moon


Oh Moon, this Moon,
hues of purple, pinks and bright oranges
mark Your coming
till You hang among a sky of ever-changing
light and midnight blues.


On Moon, wondrous Moon,
with Your dusty orange, grays, whites,
tints of blue, miraculous reds and invisibility,
I imagine You a vessel,
looking down on us with eyes of God.


Oh Moon, our Moon,
for some You hold a smile,
though I see You somber and heavyhearted
as I look upon You tonight,
wondering at all You’ve known.


Oh Moon, my Moon,
I marvel at the history of You,
all the tragedies, miracles and changes
You’ve seen this world through,
and my sadness seems a silly thing.


© 2011 Dana Renee’ Billingsley

Inspired by a saying my family and I repeat a lot, “I love you to the sky, the moon, and the stars above!”, and by a couple of things my son (4 years old) said after seeing a full moon, “LOOK!!! The moon isn’t broken! Its fixed!!!” … a couple of days later, “I love you to the sky and the broking moon and the fixing moon.”


~ by Dana Renee' on January 30, 2011.

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