Grammy’s Windows

Lookin’ out the backyard windows,
I remember the feeling of bein’ so loved.
We’d be sittin’ in this very room,
when Grammy colored with me.
She’d draw the bird bath,
the one Grandaddy put in,
with a little bird pirched there,
’cause there was always at least one,
or a squirrel standin’ in the yard holdin’ a nut.
I would tell Grammy “you draw so good”,
and she’d say “no, it’s not THAT good!”,
(but it WAS, especially to me).
I remember when Grammy was far away (in Africa),
“Aunt” Ruth would sit with me.
We’d trace our hands,
with rings & painted fingernails to send,
here in this room,
with the same sweet backyard view.


© 2007 Dana Renee’ Billingsley


~ by Dana Renee' on March 6, 2011.

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